Chimpanzees make and use tools to get food and to show off. They also have sophisticated hunting techniques that require teamwork and communication. Chimpanzees are “status conscious”, they can be taught to use symbols and understand some parts of human language, but not limited to some relational syntax, concepts of number and numerical sequence . Also, young chimpanzees have outperformed college students at number memorization.

    Present day chimpanzees use tools, and newly found research shows that their stone tool usage dates back to at least 4300 years ago. Another study found new, advanced tools, such as spears, which the chimps sharpen with their teeth. They then use these spears to spear Senegal Bushbabies out of small holes in trees. Before this discovery, it was believed that humans were the only specie that could make and use tools.

    Recent studies have found out that chimpanzees engage in altruistic behaviour which means that they have regard for others, just like humans.

    Scientists though that human language was too complex for any other species. To test the uniqueness of human language, they attempted to teach several species of the great apes language. An early attempt was made by Allen and Beatrice Gardner in the 1960’s, in which they spent 51 months, trying to teach a chimpanzee, named Washoe, American Sign Language. Washoe reportedly learned 151 signs in those 51 months. Over a longer time period, Washoe reportedly learned over 800 signs.