Physical Characteristics

    The adult chimpanzees grow to be about 635mm to 925mm long. When standing up straight, they measure 1m to 1.7m. An amazing fact is that an individual’s arms are 1.5 times the height of that individual. The arm is much longer than the legs of the chimp. This enables them to walk on all four limbs. Their unusually long arms act as hooks for when they climb and swing. Their fingers are also longer than their thumbs.

    The average male chimp weighs about 34kg – 70kg. However, the maxium weight for the male is 80kg. The average female chimp weighs about 26kg – 50kg. The maxium weight a female could obtain is 68kg.

    Other features of the chimps are its prominent ears and crest. Their molars are the same size as their canines unlike orangutans. The face of the chimpanzee is mostly black or molted with brown. Their hair is also dark brown or black. Some of the older chimps also have white hair around their face, which we can infer as a beard. What distinguishes an infant chimpanzee is the white tuft hair on its buttocks. However, when a chimp ages, the white hair begins to fall out. An interesting fact is that both sexes are prone to loose the hair on their heads and obtain a bald spot. Elder chimpanzees also have grey hair on their backs.