Reproduction - Initiating A Copulation

    By sitting in the “male invite” posture, with his legs flexed and slightly splayed, the male is the one who initiates the copulation. This position reveals the chimpanzees erect penis to his mate and since the chimpanzee penis is bright pink, thin, and tapered to a point, the penis stands out (since it is in front of a black background of fur). The chimpanzee flicks his penis rapidly to attract the females.

    The "male invite” position isn’t the only way to attract the females. Male chimps also show their piloerection (fluffed out hair). Another way of inviting the females is by gazing directly at them. Gazing at other males make cause a fight but not when it’s directed towards the female. The gaze is sort of like an invitation. The males also may shake any branches above them. If the female feels welcomed and wants to start mating, she will present her behind towards the male. If the male fails however, he goes through a very angry phase and begins to stamp with his feet and knuckles.

    When the female is ready to mate, she will crouch down and present her buttocks to the male chimp. There isn’t any contact except for the genitals in most occasions but the male might hold the females body and certain points.

    The male chimp is done mating after 8.8 thrusts, which is when he ejaculates. The male then pulls back and rests while the female falls forward. After copulation, the couple begin to clean themselves.